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At the Financial Forum 2005 - Patricia Lovett-Reid Senior Vice-President of TD Waterhouse is quoted saying...

"I think that the whole boomer generation is going to be huge. It’s a big deal right now. You have to think about this, they have tremendous purchasing power, they’ve got longevity, they’ve got EXPERIENCE and I want to make sure that they have got a PLAN that allows them to do what they want to do in retirement rather than living by someone else’s agenda. We have never seen this many people getting close to retirement or on the cusp of retirement at the same TIME; it is going to have a profound impact."

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Patricia Lovett-Reid
Senior VP
TD Waterhouse
 Keynote Presentation
 Jon Chevreau Interview

Howard Atkinson
iUnits Fund Manager

Keynote Presentation
Jon Chevreau Interview

John Lawrence Reynolds
Naked Investor

Jon Chevreau Interview

Peter Grandich
Vancouver Presentation

Jonathan Chevreau
National Post Columnist

Top 10 Investments Jon Likes

 Keynote Presentation

The 7 Myths of Retirement
Keynote Presentation 2004

Toronto Exhibitors for 2005

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